January 12, 2006

Damon, Affleck To Wear Chaps

affleckdamon.jpgHoping to ruin another American classic, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have announced to OK! magazine that they will be teaming up to remake Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, with Damon playing the Sundance Kid and Affleck playing Butch Cassidy. Though no reason is mentioned for why they would attempt to recreate the famous picture, nominated for 7 Oscars in 1970, I offer up this possibility: Brokeback Mountain wasn't gay enough.

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Transforming Car Was Not A Transformer

transformersfake.jpgYesterday, I reported that possible ILM test footage for Michael Bay's Transformers had leaked. Today, word from Michael Bay has surfaced that the clip, depicting a car transforming into a robot, was a fake. Bay added, however, that he is still very interested in the project, and is working with ILM to get the CGI robots to properly emote.

Having now looked at the footage again, I realize my error. I see now that it was just a man in a car costume standing up. But, really, it's a hell of a fake.

UPDATE: It turns out he wasn't even in costume. It was just a guy that kind of looked like a car.

UPDATE 2: A third viewing revealed it was actually a crude drawing of a dog, that looked nothing like a car.

ILM Footage is B.S. [Ain't It Cool News]

James Franco Is A Goblin?

francogoblin.jpgJames Franco will likely make his anticipated transformation into the Goblin mask in the next Spider-Man film. This news from Matthew Mungle, special effects and prosthetics artist, whose website claims he:

Designed and created the make-up concept and appliances for James Franco in "Spiderman 3" to be applied by Luisa Abel.
I like finding out news this way, from a source you'd never expect it from. It's like finding out your dad's been cheating on your mom through a bully at school, and you don't believe them until they show you some pictures and point out how it would explain why your mom keeps crying all the time. So you run home and tears and it turns out both your parents have moved and you have to live with your dying grandma until you're 18. Actually, I think I hate finding out news that way.

Mungle designs for Spider-Man 3 [Matthewmungle.com]

Julia Roberts May Abandon Children

roberts.jpgCharlie Wilson's War, the film based on a Texas congressman who teams with a CIA operative to arm the Afghan rebels that would eventually become the Taliban, may add another big-name to its cast:

Mike Nichols and Julia Roberts are making battle plans.

The Closer director is negotiating to direct Charlie Wilson's War for Universal, with the former film's leading lady considering leaving the kids with the nanny to star.

The film already boasts a script by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin with Tom Hanks in the lead role. With star power like this, I smell Oscar! Or it may be the smell of parental neglect. Or "Julia Funk," a smell rumored to circle Julia Roberts at all times. One of those three.

Julia Roberts Going to War? [Empire]

Car "Tranforms" Into Robot, Amazes Onlooker


What appears to be ILM test footage for Michael Bay's upcoming Transformers project has found its way online. The clip, which shows a car transform into a robot to the amazement of Dave Matthews, is already being called a fake by many viewers. Some dispute comes from the sprocket holes seen on either sides of the video, which wouldn't be visible if run through a projector, and wouldn't be present if projected digitally. Others claim the footage is of a car actually turning into a robot and symptomatic of a larger problem: lots of cars turning into robots. Then what will we drive? THEN WHAT WILL WE DRIVE??

Answer: Robot Cars!

More Than Meets The Eye [BaDonGo.com]

Satan Is Chubby, Short


20th Century Fox has released the first image of Damien from John Moore's The Omen remake, The Omen 666. In the film, an American official realizes that his son, Damien, may literally be the Antichrist. Most surprising to the official is that Evil incarnate sports a bowl cut.