January 09, 2006

Aquaman Wears Briefs

aquaman.jpgAquamanTV reports that the role of Aquaman in the upcoming WB pilot is rumored to have been cast by actor/model Will Toale. Though a virtual unknown, Toale gained some recognition in 2003's Uptown Girls in the role of "Briefs Model." With Aquaman, The WB hopes to capture the untapped demographic of those who didn't think Smallville was gay enough.

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Indiana Jones 4 Stars Elderly

indiana4.jpgIn an interview with IESB over the weekend, Frank Marshall confirmed that following The Bourne Ultimatum, work will begin on the long-anticipated fourth Indiana Jones. This comes as exciting news to fans, who have waited since 1989 for another chapter of the popular saga, but as bad news to Harrison Ford's hips. Because old people easily break their hips!

Travolta and Allen are 'Wild Hogs,' 'Bad Actors'

hogwild.jpgJohn Travolta and Tim Allen are reportedly in talks to star in Wild Hogs, a new comedy written by Arrested Development scribe Brad Copeland. The script involves a group of middle-aged suburban men looking for adventure on motorcycle, only to run into a group of Hell's Angels, kind of like Charly without the mental disability part. The information came as particularly good news to Allen, who is grateful for any role that isn't another Santa Clause.

Travolta, Allen going 'Hogs' wild [Hollywood Reporter]

Tyler Perry Continues to Make Madea Crap


I assume as a result of my intense letter-writing campaign, the poster for the new Madea movie has been released. Still missing is the movie poster for Madea's rumored third feature, If Bea Arthur Were Black. Honestly, is this the best makeup we can do?

Madea's Family Reunion Poster Released [ComingSoon.net]

Flight 93 Teaser Encourages My Uncle

flight93.jpgThe teaser trailer for Flight 93 has just been released, giving an early glimpse of the April release. The film, directed by Paul Greengrass, is a real-time account of the hi-jacked plane of 9/11, brought down by a group of courageous passengers. Some have questioned the ethics of making a 9/11 movie so soon after the attacks, but Greengrass has promised it will be done tastefully, in the spirit of the bumper stickers where Calvin is pissing on 'terrorism.' While the trailer is careful not to reveal too much, it hasn't stopped my Uncle Gary from joking, "Why see it? I already know the ending," a routine sadly similar to his Titanic schtick from a few years back.

Teaser Trailer [Official Site]

Lord of the Rings Appeases Nerds

lotrcon.jpgAt the upcoming One Ring Celebration in Pasadena, New Line has announced they will be showing never-before-seen bloopers from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This comes as a shock to many fans, who had assumed the Lord of the Rings universe actually existed. When asked for comment, one particularly distressed fan noted, "This is the saddest day since I saw Lando Calrissian in that beer commercial."

Though still unseen, the clips are rumored to include such highlights as the time the ring wouldn't fit on Elijah Wood's finger, and the time Orlando Bloom seemed masculine.

One Ring Celebration [Official Site]