About I Watch Stuff

I Watch Stuff is an entertainment and movie blog that delivers all sorts of movie and movie-related, uh, stuff. News? Trailers? Opinions? Who knows. But we've got it. I Watch Stuff is like that friend who worked at the movie theater who always let you sneak in for free. Only with less pimples and isn't always asking if you want some posters for your bedroom. But seriously, do you? Because we've got, like, a bunch in our closet.

I Watch Stuff was launched in October of 2005 and is part of the Anticlown Media network.

About the Editor

Mark has written for I Watch Stuff since January 2006. His qualifications include having seen several movies--including Star Wars and the one with dinosaurs--and literacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is old. Why did you post about it?
Probably because we're not as cool as you.

Can I link to I Watch Stuff?
That depends. Are you handsome and smart? If so, then yes. Otherwise, please leave us alone.

Who do I contact concerning feedback, news tips, corrections, or sponsorships? You can send us all that good stuff using our contact form.