'Trance' Trailer: Danny Boyle Moves from Real-Life Arm Trauma to Cartoonish Head Trauma

January 10, 2013


From Danny Boyle and a loose grasp of amnesia and hypnosis comes Trance, a thriller about a heist gone wrong thanks to double-crossing and getting thunked in the head real good. James McAvoy stars as an art auctioneer in cahoots with thief Vincent Cassel and his gang to steal a painting. McAvoy betrays his cohorts and stashes the painting away, but they catch him and give him a good clunking that ends up being the film's driving plot point: they done clunked him too hard, and now he says he can't remember where he put the painting! Sorry, boss!

"Don't say sorry, Moose, just find me the world's sexiest hypnotherapist," Vincent Cassel shouts, furious Moose has done it again. Or so I assume, because next thing you know, there's Rosario Dawson using all her hypnotizing powers to variously extract and implant memories into McAvoy until he's confused as to what's real and what's not, and why shots keep getting more and more hazy and fractured. It's symbolism, McAvoy! Here's the trailer.

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