The ShamWow Guy Made This Movie with Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, and Copious Racism

January 7, 2013


ShamWow and SlapChop peddler Vince Offer is here to pitch us a new concept that doesn't sell itself quite as easily as a super-absorbant towelette: the hilarity of racism and homophobia! The pitchman has written and directed InAPPropriate Comedy, an ostensible comedy unabashedly going for a shock value beyond that of seeing Offer's skull free from the constraints of an unnecessary headset. Black people and fried chicken! Asian people and driving! A Dirty Harry quote slyly altered to "Go ahead, make me gay" for some reason! These are just some of the racist and/or arbitrary jokes Vince is able to make in this post-SlapChop world, in which all races and creeds are as equal and ready for skewering as his uniformly-SlapChopped food chunks.

Here's the trailer, featuring woefully desperate appearances from Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan, and Adrien Brody, whose omission from Movie 43's cast of Academy Award-winners left him to find "black guys have big dicks" gags elsewhere. And did he ever.

Oh, and it's not safe for work. If that wasn't clear.

She shoots them with a gun instead of a camera! If such an irreverent wit feels vaguely familar--like something recalled from a half-asleep dream--it may be that you're remembering Offer's prior film, The Underground Comedy Movie, a film he similarly felt the need to label as a comedy, and, as with his other products, he sold in TV spots that long-haunted the late night schedule of Comedy Central. It is not yet clear why "APP" is capitalized.

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