Seth MacFarlane Wants To Be a Cowboy, So He Will Be

December 4, 2012


As hinted at by his sudden visibility that includes hosting gigs with SNL and the Academy Awards, Seth MacFarlane is setting himself up to finally step out from behind his Sunday night animation block and grin through those voices in front of the camera. And it turns out he's going to do so with a cowboy hat covering his expensive hair.

HeatVision reports the Ted director is already prepping another film for release in the coming summer, one that would see him venturing into the Wild West and not so closely bordering on Downy copyright violation. He and his Ted co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild have already written a script, and he plans to soon shoot A Million Ways to Die in the West, a Blazing Saddles-like comedy said to deal with how awful and easy to die it was in the late 1800s, but in a way that probably involves more pop culture references than Deadwood. The trade adds that the script is "laced with MacFarlane's hallmark racy humor" and places the star alongside "a romantic female lead." Loudmouthed, singing horse not yet confirmed.

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