'World War Z' Trailer Blares Online: Brad Pitt Plays 20 Questions, Stares at Zombies

November 9, 2012


World War Z's production was notoriously troubled on-set, filled with worries about the script, and whether or not Brad Pitt's thin scarf was slung loosely enough. But with the film heading to theaters regardless next summer, a trailer has gone up to convince us maybe the problems worked themselves out--and hey, listen to all these blaring, vaguely-robotic dins! Something as exciting and robotic-din-filled as Battleship must be happening!

In the film, an all-out outbreak has reduced much of Earth's population to zombies--a quick-moving kind that will pile up like ants if needed to scale a wall, or to get a look at what Brad Pitt's wearing to the apocalypse. Thanks to connections to official-looking guys in suits, Pitt manages to get his family safely tucked away on a battleship (SEE?) and heads out with the military to apparently serve as a sort of reporter, traveling around the world to point, gawk, and run as other people shoot at zombies. Have a look [dramatic robo-burp] below.

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