Nicolas Cage May Be 'Left Behind' Reboot's New Kirk Cameron

October 19, 2012


With his continued, thriving mainstream success against actors making much stronger choices, Nicolas Cage has already obliviously fought against the basic ideas of natural selection. But now producers are asking him to take his support of Christian extremism one step further: starring in a reboot of the Left Behind series.

As reported nearly a year ago, Left Behind writer-producer Paul Lalonde has always felt it was His will for his series to be brought to theaters, not forever discounted near supermarket check-outs. And though the idea of an improved second generation would seem to stray a bit too close evolution, Lalonde and Left Behind 3: World at War script consultant John Patus have been working on a reboot with a larger budget and a less overtly-religious, more disaster-themed take on The Rapture that might appeal to broader audiences. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they want to even further broader that broad appeal by getting Nicolas Cage to shout at God in the lead role once zealously filled by Kirk Cameron, and Cage is said to already be in talks to take it.

The issue, though, may come down to budget: while the reboot does have a vastly larger price tag than the original at $15 million, that's still not all that much for an assumedly CGI-heavy disaster film, and Nicolas Cage, for whatever reason, does not come cheap. But then again, maybe it will work out. After all, when you need Him most, He always finds a way, and maybe Cage will take a pay cut if it means fucking Kirk Cameron over for horning in on the search for America's National Treasure. Cage has got it covered--got that, Mike Seaver?

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