Lansbury Out, Fiennes In for Wes Anderson's 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

October 10, 2012


Though Angela Lansbury last month confirmed her participation in Grand Budapest Hotel, that was back when she thought it would give her a shot at Johnny Depp. Now that he's out, so is she. Ralph Fiennes is up for it, though.

Variety reports Fiennes will will finally lighten things up a little from all that serious drama and noseless shouting with a part in Wes Anderson's latest Wes Anderson thing. He'll be joining Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jude Law in the film and will play M. Gustave, the "perfectly composed concierge" at the film's titular hotel. The Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, adds that the once-confirmed Angela Lansbury is now out of the film "due to commitments to a stage version of Driving Miss Daisy." But I think we all know what "Driving Miss Daisy" obligations are a euphemism for...

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