'Central Park Five' Doc Will Make You Question the Entire Criminal Justice System, Yet Again

October 24, 2012


In the tradition of the West Memphis Three documentaries, The Thin Blue Line, and various somberly-narrated Dateline special reports, The Central Park Five is a documentary that looks at some young men convicted of a brutal crime they--spoiler alert!--did not actually commit. Written and directed by Ken Burns, David McMahon, and Sarah Burns, the film examines the case of five innocent teens who ended up serving time for the 1989 rape of a jogger in Central Park. Telling evidence, such as the actual rapist coming forward and saying he was the actual rapist, later cleared the group, but only after a lengthy prison sentence; the doc looks at how police, the press, government officials, forced confessions, racial strife, and an dangerous mob mentality led to wrongful convictions in the first place. Here's a trailer to get you interested, outraged, depressed, and/or unreasonably fearful that you too will somehow get wrongfully tossed in prison, then immediately raped and shanked. We should really stop worrying about that, okay, us?

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