Fourth 'Avatar' Will Be a Prequel, Because of Logic

September 10, 2012


Like a nightmarishly "reborn" Na'vi child, James Cameron will return to the big blue womb for his fourth Avatar feature.

Explaining that it's "a logical thing to do"--at least as much as four Avatar films can ever be considered a logical thing to do--Cameron recently told MTV that his intention to extend his latest sci-fi series beyond a trilogy will mean jumping back in time after the third movie. Said Cameron:

"That will complete an arc and if that leads into more, we'll start, not imitating 'Star Wars,' but it's a logical thing to do because we'll have completed the thematic arc by the end of three. The only thing left to do is go back to see what it was like on those first expeditions and create some new characters that then become legacy characters in later films. It's a plan."

That is it, J.C.! But it's a plan that likely won't see much movement very soon: MTV adds that Cameron is still in the process of concurrently writing the first and second sequels, while his effects team is still sorting out how to put together the films' complex cat-person animation and in an easier, less-costly fashion.

Still, if that's not enough for you Avatar fans to look forward to, a prescient Cameron subtly offered one more tease of what lies ahead for his franchise:

"Because when we drop in, even in the first film in 'Avatar 1,' as it will be known in the future ..."

God, I can't wait until people start calling the first Avatar film that.

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