'Stolen' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Has 12 Hours To Steal $10 Million To Save His Daughter!

August 20, 2012


Combining the kidnapped daughter scenario of Taken, the Nicolas Cage-as-a-master-thief-forced-to-return-to-crime conceit of Gone in 60 Seconds, and the ridiculous voiceover of an action preview unearthed from a 25-year-old VHS tape, here's the trailer for Nicolas Cage's latest exceedingly-Cageian project, Stolen.

In typical Cage fashion, typical plays a recently-incarcerated robber whose estranged daughter is kidnapped and held in a moving taxi by Josh Lucas, a former crime partner who's demanding his share of a botched job. Unfortunately, Cage literally burned through that money for some reason, and with the police unwilling to believe such a clichéd Nicolas Cage action premise, "TO SAVE HIS DAUGHTER, HE HAS JUST TWELVE HOURS TO STEAL TEN MILLION DOLLARS." (Source: Distractingly-unprofessional trailer narrator.) As you can imagine, from there, the rest of the film pretty much just shouts itself.

The Simon West-directed film surprisingly hits actual theaters September 14th. A supercut of Cage shouting into cell phones, his elbow furiously jutting out perpendicular to his body, will hopefully spring up well before then.

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