'Beverly Hills Cop' Series Still Happening, Now with 'The Shield' Creator

August 29, 2012


Eddie Murphy's mention of a Beverly Hills Cop television series was not just talk (in the familiar voice of a CGI donkey). It's apparently really happening, and now Sony Pictures and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan are involved.

According to Vulture, Sony, Murphy and Ryan already began pitching the show to the broadcast networks yesterday afternoon, with the idea still, as previously described by Murphy, focusing on Axel Foley's son serving the Detroit PD under the supervision of his now-police chief father. The format is said to be a police procedural, buddy cop show "with strong comedic elements," and Murphy has agreed to appear in the pilot and "possibly a few special episodes throughout the first season" as a recurring reminder of that halcyon time before anyone ever thought, "Hey, now Axel's SON should be a cop who ALSO goes to Beverly Hills!" Which, speaking of that: Axel's son will go to Beverly Hills, right? Because otherwise this is just Detroit Cop.

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