Gaze Upon the Various and Sundry Hanks of 'Cloud Atlas'

July 27, 2012


Yesterday's Cloud Atlas trailer premiere brought with it a deluge of Hanks, providing far too much everyman likability for the human brain to absorb all at once. Let's slow it down and breathe in these many newly-discovered Hanks species one at a time.


Tattoo-Face Hanks - The only Hanks daring enough to permanently disqualify himself from ever having a real job. Fuck the man.


Tattoo-Face Hanks (Injured) - Flick his chest panel to reveal Drug Rug Battle Damage™.


Nuclear Scientist Hanks - Hanks harnesses the power of the atom to fuse himself with Carl Sagan and Matt Damon's The Informant. For science.


Snake Oil Salesman Hanks - Alternately, "Shameful, Old-Timey Masturbator Hanks."


Weird European Gangster Hanks - Either he's from a Grand Theft Auto cutscene or Night at the Roxbury Hanks has a dark future indeed.

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