Jessica Biel May Play Viper in 'The Wolverine'

July 13, 2012


Okay, I guess I see how this makes sense.

After a big round of Asian casting that made racist grandpas just furious, director James Mangold is now looking to soothe them by adding the pleasing-looking Jessica Biel to the cast of The Wolverine. According to Twitch, Biel and her many shapes have been offered the role of Viper, a Marvel comics character formerly known as "Madame Hydra" due to her position in the evil HYDRA organization. Of course, since that group was in Captain American, one would assume Marvel still has control of the rights, so don't expect Viper to be mentioning her team affiliation. More likely, the character will be getting into some plot she's had with Logan--like, as Twitch notes, the comics storyline in which she blackmailed Wolverine into marrying her. If the production can get Jason Sudeikis onboard as an comically-immature but supportive Omega Red, they're most of the way there to a pretty weird romantic comedy.

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