Comic Con Marvel Movie Round-Up: Titles, Logos, Art, Costumes, Fun

July 16, 2012

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Well, as is increasingly-often the case, Marvel used this past weekend's Comic Con to unload a bunch of secrets that had been burdening them. If you missed their big announcements and reveals, have a quick catch-up below.




As you can see from the just-released logo art, Marveling is sticking with the numbered naming convention the third Iron Man film, releasing the film next May under the to-the-point title Iron Man 3. The studio also displayed the film's new armor, which appears to finally relent to fan demands that Iron Man look more beige.


This will be Tony Stark's most ecru adventure yet!

At the con's Iron Man 3 panel, it was finally revealed that, yes--as heavily rumored--Ben Kingsley's role is indeed that of the Chinese, magic-ring-wearing comic book menace known as the Mandarin. Which is fine, because the studio then revealed that one of the rings now has the magical power to shield its wearer and parent company from accusations of racism.



The Thor sequel's subtitle? The Dark World! Don't confuse it with Dark World: Duel of the Assassins, the straight-to-video film about an evil cyborg named Nick Holliday trying to take over Earth with the help of his vampire half-brother, Pete. Look for Anthony Hopkins to be sure.



Eschewing the modernity of numbers, the Captain America sequel is going by the subtitle The Winter Soldier, pointing to a possible story arc involving an evil Bucky--who was revived by the Soviets and re-programmed as the bionic-armed Winter Soldier--and a new Dunkin' Donuts Coolata drenched in the sugary red syrup of communism.



Still no release date for Edgar Wright's long-in-development Ant-Man, but Marvel did screen the test footage (you couldn't see an actor behind the full mask) and release this logo, so we know that it is still happening, and we should keep using a hyphen when we type it out.



So, Marvel's ambitious plans for a Guardians of the Galaxy movie will manifest themselves August 1 of 2014. Just-released concept art for the film also reveals the studio is seriously going to introduce a giant tree man and a jacket-wearing raccoon to the Marvel movie universe. No more Batmans to compete against, so might as well go for broke, right?


Can't wait to hear the banter between Tony Stark and Groot!

Thanks to Lisa for sources: ComingSoon, CinemaBlend, and reddit.

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