[UPDATED] 'Cloud Atlas' Gets a Hanks-Filled, Nearly Six Minute Trailer

July 26, 2012


Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski's Cloud Atlas adaptation is a vast, time-spanning epic with a huge cast of characters, so only appropriate that this first, international trailer for the film runs a suitably epic 5:45 and reveals several of the eye-coverings Tom Hanks has been given to convey he's playing different Tom Hanks characters. With such a running length, you might expect the preview would give away too much of the plot--and yeah, it does appear to give away the fate of one of several Halle Berries--but more so, it delves into theme, making clear the film's definite perspective on topics like time, destiny, reincarnation, interconnectedness, and whether or not Hugh Grant should be playing a heavily-tattooed tribal warrior. Yes, apparently he should:

UPDATE: Hey, it works again!

Come on, guys. If Tom Hanks and Halle Berry are truly fated to be together, it's obviously meant to happen in a pandering Nancy Meyers comedy.

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