Paramount Seems To Be Making 'Jackass 4', Knows You'll Misspell 'Grandpa'

June 7, 2012


Jackass 3-D made $170 million for the meager cost of $20 million budget and some lost testicle sensation, and the unused footage from the film was vast enough to edit into a bonus film--Jackass 3.5--that also made Paramount some decent money. Basically, with that kind of profit margin, it goes without saying that as long as Johnny Knoxville and friends are willing to have their swimsuit regions mutilated, the studio will foot the bill for whatever animals or clamps or whatever it takes to do that. And it looks that's going to be happening pretty soon here.

Though no official announcement has been made, Fusible has picked up on a pattern that strongly suggests a fourth Jackass is imminent, and titled "Bad Grandpa." Looking at a list of domains Paramount registered on Tuesday, this seems pretty obvious, as does the fact that the studio does not have a lot of confidence in your spelling of "grandpa":

The domain selections also strongly suggests Knoxville will reprise his "bad grandpa" character--perhaps until the days when he's old and grey, and we're forced to grapple with whether or not a "bad grandpa" is still funny if the man playing him now actually is a negligent grandfather. And later, as we stare deep into the cineplex bathroom's mirror after struggling to urinate, we see that we, too, have aged into bad grandpas, and we come to the realization that the truest comical kick in the nuts came from time itself. That probably won't happen until Jackass 6 or 7, though, so for now relax and enjoy this zany old man character. He's actually a younger man!

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