Japan Really Getting into New 'Ringu' Film with Various Nightmares

May 14, 2012


While, in the U.S., we reserve the honor of becoming a parade-less float for only the most uproarious Eddie Murphy vehicles, in Japan, this tremendous showing of giant foam respect has been shown for the upcoming Sadako 3D. Cultural differences!

The sixth film in the Ringu series--which I think involves the internet, but who knows--has already been bizarrely promoted through baseball and an inexplicable Hello Kitty tie-in. Now there's also this huge, tumor-like mass of hair and gross nails being driven around--which is actually a pretty normal promotional stunt in comparison. Especially if for comparison you use this example of a terrifying Sadako army piloted by sack-headed men, which is also something Japan has done:

I know hindsight is 20/20, but honestly, we retroactively look stupid for not doing this with Michael Keaton impersonators for Multiplicity.


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