'Arrested Development' Lego Set, Assembled by the One Man Who Had No Choice But To Put Them All Together

May 9, 2012


Combining the shoddy construction of Bluth model homes with the rigid assembly of interlocking Danish bricks, Matt De Lanoy has put together the entire main cast, home, and stair car of Arrested Development out of Legos. Obviously this is great, and all of us right now want to be playing with them, and having them reenact scenes, and making them break character to promise us a movie by 2014. That isn't going to happen, but there is a slight chance we could at least get to assemble the stair car and let Lego Darth Vader fulfill his destiny of becoming a hop-on (because you're gonna get some hop-ons).

Go here and vote for the stair car design, and if it reaches 10,000 votes, Lego will apparently review it for licensing. Approval will probably never happen--Lego has made it clear the designs should be suitable for children, not just man-children who have fallen asleep with Mrs. Featherbottom more often than they have a real woman--but considering the impossible has already happened with a new season of the show shooting this summer, maybe it's not so out of reach. If history is any indication, we probably just have to keep berating Lego about it every time they're just trying to promote an unrelated film project.

See the full set of Bluths and Bluth accessories below, and see more of De Lanoy's amazing work on his Flickr.


The stair car, which, again, you should vote for.


The Bluth model home as a smaller model home ready to be destroyed by a giant mole.


Lego Michael and Lego George Michael. I can already hear the music for the father-son Lego moral at the end of the Lego episode.


Lego Maebe with Lego screenplay on Lego parchment.


Lego Gob on Lego Segway with LEGO FRANKLIN (note Lego George Sr. in background).


Lego Lindsay with Blue Man Group variant Lego Tobias. About time a minifig wore cut-offs.


Lego Lucille and post-loose-seal Lego Buster.


The whole thing on display, now with this guy's added Lego banana stand. So good. If I could buy these, I would, and this time I wouldn't just end up using the set to make a vague, multi-colored Lego handgun like I usually have.

(Thanks, Drew!)

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