Universal Rebooting 'The Mummy' with Less Brendan Fraser

April 4, 2012


Having lost three-time franchise star Brendan Fraser to what we'll call the curse of The Mummy (weight gain, hair loss, dwindling tolerability with every Inkheart, Extraordinary Measures, or Furry Vengeance), Universal has decided to completely restart their hugely-profitable Mummy series on "an epic scale we haven't seen before." Larger CGI sand faces then?

To apply the fresh layer of gauze to their ever-deteriorating franchise, the studio has already hired on Prometheus screenwriter Jon Spaihts, who gave the above "epic scale" quote in regards to what he plans to do with his new script. He also said, "I see it as the sort of opportunity I had with Prometheus: to go back to a franchise's roots in dark, scary source material," implying that perhaps Spaihts does not subscribe to the commonly held truth that the straight-to-video Scorpion King prequels count as the definitive source material of The Mummy.

Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (the third one) franchise newcomers Maria Bello and Luke Ford are already signed on to another trilogy of the films, and Bello in 2008 told MTV there would "absolutely be The Mummy 4," but it now seems unlikely their contracts will be enforced. As the G.I. Joe and Journey to the Center of the Earth sequels have shown us, ejecting Brendan Fraser from a franchise is like getting rid of bedbugs: best to just trash everything you don't absolutely need. Replacing those things is a cheap, easy, sensible solution when weighed against the horrifying possibility of a re-infestation.

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