Sorry, Jason Statham Will Not Be Fast Nor Furious

April 12, 2012


If Jason Statham is going to look pissed about driving a cool car again (which he will), it will be on his own terms.

TwitchFilm, who last October reported that Jason Statham's presence was threatening to further unbalance the Fast series' hair-to-muscle ratio, have now updated that story to say Statham will not be joining the franchise. As usual, it sounds like it mostly came down to money, with the studio and Statham's people unable to see eye-to-eye on acceptable terms for playing the big, bald, angry, British guy to play European tour guide to all the big, bald, angry guys who are not British. Sorry, Vinnie Jones, looks like you're going to have to shave your head and do this. Them's the rules.

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