Samuel L. Jackson Recommends Seeing 'Avengers' High, Selling Hulk-Branded Marijuana

April 25, 2012


Here's an interview in which Avengers star Samuel L. Jackson, clearly bored by his press rounds, finds a way to relate all of the interviewer's questions back to Hulk--"Hulk" in this case being an extremely-potent, iridescent, Hulk-shaped strain of weed that Samuel L. Jackson invents at the start of the conversation. Marvel may not be too pleased once they discover the drug-endorsing interview, but I hope they at least watch it all the way through, because as far as I'm concerned, Jackson's new Hulk origin story--"picked up this hybrid bud, got caught inside the atomic room that day, and for some reason ate it"--is now canon. Print it on the trading cards.

"Get your prescription tomorrow" is officially the Hulk 2 tagline.

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