New 'Ringu' Sequel Obviously Has 'Hello Kitty' Tie-In

April 10, 2012


As we learned through a trailer released in February, Japan is not yet done with their time-honored horror tradition of having long-haired girls climb out of screens. Quite the opposite, they've been investing heavily in long-haired girl screen technology, and now have a long-haired girl crawling out of an LED computer screen (in 3D) for their latest Ringu sequel, Sadako 3D.

As we've also learned about Japan, they have basically no discretion when it comes to combining things, tossing together Kit Kats and European cheese with the same cavalier attitude one might marry animated pornography and outright revulsion. So, to promote the upcoming Sadako 3D, now they've mated Hello Kitty and Ringu. Because why shouldn't adorable things also be horrifying nightmares covered in bows? There's a reason Toddlers and Tiaras is so unnervingly popular.

More cat-meets-ghost shots below. I have to admit, Hello Kitty's dead eyes do kind of work for a haunting spectre.



Nice try, Japan, but we already have Pingu meets The Thing. You've lost this round of "Watch Me Defile This Adorable Children's Character."

(Thanks, Mike.)

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