'Murphy Brown' May Return To Give Elections a '90s Reference

April 30, 2012


Though off the air since 1998 and now mostly mentioned just before someone says, "Oh, yeah, and remember Evening Shade?", the CBS sitcom Murphy Brown may be returning to its former network for a few episodes this fall.

Speaking to TV Guide, series creator Diane English recently claimed she is in talks with CBS and Warner Bros. about doing a few new episodes as a way to frame the upcoming elections within the context of dated references to Dan Quayle. English added that "Candice knows about it, and we're going to talk to her more in July once she wraps her Broadway play," but before you get all excited about finding out Mitt Romney's position on single motherhood, take note that a Murphy Brown reprise was already in the works for the election four years ago, and that obviously never happened. Like the painter eternally renovating Murphy Brown's home, this project may continue without discernible progress for years before eventually becoming a murder suspect and dying of a heroin overdose.


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