'Magic Mike' Trailer: Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey Granted Legitimate Excuse for Gratuitous Shirtlessness

April 19, 2012


Here's the first trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike, a fantastical film that stars Channing Tatum as a man capable of wielding the sorcery of taking his shirt off. Loosely based on Tatum's own experiences in the days before becoming an adequate lead in mawkish romances, the movie follows a stripper who meets a girl and looks to build a career less sordid than professional pec exhibition. As we know all too well, for Tatum himself, that meant becoming something like an actor, but for Magic Mike, it's a slightly less glamorous endgoal: he just wants to be paid to repurpose nitrous oxide tanks into bizarre coffee tables. Classic tale of a stripper with a heart of designer carpentry.

Olivia Munn and brief The Office co-star Cody Horn both appear as characters Magic presumably has sex with, while I Am Number Four's Alex Pettyfer plays the seemingly downplayed role of Magic's young protégé. What with everyone dancing around shirtless and all, Matty McConaughey also appears, donning the famous smirking bravado he can only truly wear when he's wearing almost nothing else.

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