Woody Allen Extends European Vacation into Copenhagen

March 12, 2012


Continuing to plan his films as a college sophomore plans their mind-broadening backpacking trip, Woody Allen is reportedly considering Copenhagen as the setting for his next thinly-veiled tale of personal fantasy fulfillment.

As you know if you've paid attention to Allen's filmography since Melinda and Melinda, the director long ago left domestic shores to mount a European pandemic that has thus far spread neuroses from London to Barcelona to Paris, and most-recently to Rome, the setting of his upcoming Nero Fiddled. He had been rumored to be considering a German background for his next--Germany also being a European country Allen remembers from geography class--but now the Hollywood Reporter claims Copenhagen, Denmark is likely the destination. Allen's sister and producer Letty Aronson is said to currently be in talks to set up a 2013 shoot, dependent on the Danish capital providing government backing and film subsidies. You gotta pay if you want Woody to make your city look like a destination spot for verbose romance and/or time travel.

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