Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' Trailer: A Vampire in the '70s Now I've Seen Everything!!!

March 15, 2012


If earlier, staid photos of Dark Shadows had you thinking Johnny Depp might wear some refined dignity atop his plastered-down hair, this first trailer for the film should make clear how wrong you were. It is zany times! Specifically, it is zany time 1972, when Depp's vampire patriarch, Barnabas Collins, awakens from a centuries of being buried in a coffin. How will an ancient vampire react to Volkswagen busses, lava lamps, and other half-hearted references to the early '70s??? Here, let Tim Burton show you that.

No, the television is not magic, Encino Dracula!

What do you think? And how disappointed were you when Depp's questioning "1972?" was not promptly followed by a record screech? The entire sound department is fired for this.

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