Obama Pitched Harvey Weinstein a Spy Movie

March 8, 2012


The most powerful seat in the United States has handed down the executive order: "I'm reading this book right now--I should let you borrow it--where there's, like, this really awesome spy... and I keep thinking, someone should totally make this into a movie."

As Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein explained to the Times of London (via):

"The President sent me a book the other day and said 'Why don't you make this into a movie? I can't tell you [what it was]. It was a spy novel.

"I sent him an email back saying he was the most overqualified book scout I've ever had."

Shame, that. With the election coming up, Obama could really use a universally-appreciated, clearly-statable accomplished goal. I can't think of one better than, "I was the one who pitched that thriller where it's like Bourne, but Will Smith is on a sub. What's on your IMDb page, Romney?"

I love this so much. This is what my dad would do as President, after appointing Clive Cussler to his cabinet.

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