'Human Centipede 3' Will Be at Least 166 Times Grosser Than Original

March 14, 2012


Because the one complaint about Human Centipede films is that they are not disgusting enough--that seeing merely three to ten people sewn together in an ass-to-mouth chain of unified intestine still leaves one with weak ability to get out of bed the next morning--series director Tom Six has taken to Twitter to assure audiences he will be upping the disgust quotient considerably. He's going to stitch 500 people (or more!) together this time.

Proving Human Centipede 2's "Full Sequence" subtitle a misnomer while taking a light jab at the American tradition of always wanting bigger and less shit-efficient digestive tract monsters, Six on Tuesday made the claim (via):

#humancentipede3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style!

See, after going for a dozen-person-long chain in the last film, I probably would have dialed it back to just maybe three to five centipede links next time; bring back the personal intimacy of just a few close friends being surgically force-fed each other's poo. I'd be afraid that such a vast railroad of dehumanized torture victims might actually make the effect somehow less nausea-inducing, if that's at all possible. This is why I'm not the visionary director of a film trilogy about eating feces.

Still, I can't wait to see what Etsy users do with this. Some kind of long string for Christmas decorating, I would hope.

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