Wes Anderson Overhead Shot Compilation Extremely Wes Anderson-y

February 3, 2012


If the Moonrise Kingdom trailer's combination of deliberate compositions, fantastically constructed aesthetics, and a shirtless and armed Bill Murray was still somehow not Wes Anderson-y enough for you, give this montage a shot.

When I first noticed this video was called "Wes Anderson // FROM ABOVE," I thought, "Right, his classic overhead shots; I get it." But then I noticed the description identify this as "overhead shots of hands in the films of Wes Anderson," and it felt slightly weird. Like Tarantino with feet, have we all this time been letting this dude make thinly-veiled, critically-acclaimed fetish videos?

How strangely affecting. But in a way that makes me think I'll probably see a corporate logo at the end.

(Thanks, Sarah.)

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