My Little Pony Centipede Is Not a Toy, Is an Awful Thing To Behold

February 23, 2012


Because, no matter how much my instincts tell me to, I'll never look away from Human Centipede-related handicrafts, here's the My Little Pony Centipede. As described on the Etsy page where you can buy it (hurry!):

THIS IS NOT A TOY. It is a decorative art display and not intended for children. Please allow 1-2 weeks per delivery. This item may differ from final product due to the fact it is made on demand.

So just be aware, the extended gastrointestinal tract of ponies you receive might not have a frontman who exudes such contemptible smugness. So proud he isn't the one constantly force-fed twice-digested hay.

(via! thanks to Wendy)

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