Meet John McClane's Son... Jai

February 22, 2012


Seen above in a screen test in which Bruce Willis bounces a "What's the deal with the gun, anyway?" routine off him, Australian actor Jai Courtney has been cast as John McClane's estranged son, John McClane Jr., in A Good Day To Die Hard.

John Moore is directing the latest unlikely Die Hard sequel, and he and Willis reportedly met with untold up-and-coming young actors before selecting Courtney for the part. Willis's Expendables 2 co-star and soon-to-be Hunger Games sensation Liam Hemsworth even was up for the part at one time, but ultimately lost out to this cheaper cut of meat who is probably best known for playing Varro in Spartacus: Blood And Sand.

With Jr. (or Jack, as he's said to be called) cast, he and Bruce Willis will now head to Russia, where they will apparently turn a standard Die Hard plot into some kind of belated Cold War message that, like any more Die Hard sequels, probably should have been made a couple decades ago.

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