Lorax Would Like To Sell You an SUV

February 24, 2012


Well, Lou Dobbs sure missed this bit in his dramatic exposé of The Lorax's liberal agenda: it turns out the small, orange, leftist leader isn't so anti-capitalist after all, because now he's selling SUVs. So how about that, Lou?

Yes, like Ferris Bueller before him, the Lorax is now shilling for automakers. Dr. Seuss's crusader for the environment appears below in a new 45-second spot for the Mazda CX-5, a fuel-injection SUV that usually-preachy Lorax and his woodland friends have, without irony, bestowed the award "Certified Truffula Tree Friendly." You aren't driving in style UNLESS you drive the CX-5 with Skyactiv® technology, right, Lorax?

I must say, I'm a tad disappointed the Once-ler does not give a thumbs up out the window as he cruises past. Before I buy, I might just wait and see what kind of sports utility the cast of Fern Gully gets behind.


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