'Lorax', 'Secret World of Arrietty' Will Teach Kids That Ecological Preservation and Borrowing Are Somehow Okay, Cautions Lou Dobbs

February 23, 2012


To see the above image of Danny DeVito standing in a small clearing amidst the Truffula trees, you might not realize that what you're looking at is a campaign poster for extremist liberalism, meant to shape our two to three-year-olds into "occu-toddlers" (now a term), whose playtime in the park will be not for hide-and-seek but for occupation meant to spread a dangerous message of communist wealth distribution and senseless ecological mindfulness. Oh, but it is, warns Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs.

As anyone who's read The Lorax already knows, the Dr. Seuss book makes little attempt in veiling its message to not destroy entire biomes in the singular interest of industrial greed. At its time of publication, it seemed like an obvious, safe-enough message of ecological consciousness that pretty much anyone non-evil could get behind, but now that the story is being turned into a motion picture--and, more so, now that "not completely fucking up the Earth" is considered a divisive political stance--The Lorax is being called "insidious nonsense from Hollywood" meant to "indoctrinate our children." So said Lou Dobbs, speaking on his Tuesday night program on Fox Business Network.

Similarly, Dobbs also feels Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty--based on Mary Norton's 1952 novel The Borrowers--is a part of Hollywood's clandestine plot to program children with a liberal agenda. Though the film is Japanese, and thus not really a product of Hollywood, Dobbs can see right through that ruse, recognizing the film's mouse-sized people stealing things around a house as Hollywood agents, meant to encourage wealth redistribution to the weakest and neediest, which is a concept he means for you to be opposed to.

Here's the video from the segment, in which Dobbs compares the animated movies' themes to Obama's dangerous philosophy "everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share." Because our children will see small people living below the floorboards of a house, and then they will stupidly believe in fairness, and next thing you know, they'll think a woman's reproductive system is her own business. Nice try, Hollywood (and Japan). This is almost as shameful as when the Muppets tried to sneak in the socialist message that you shouldn't want an oil tycoon to tear down your beloved theater.

Good idea, crazy person: Buy a ticket to the show, then eat a bunch of popcorn and leave a mess you refuse to clean up. Sure, the film studios may get your money, but at least the theaters will be left with the clear message that you will not be told not to be a revolting American caricature.


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