Kirk Cameron Joins Nicolas Cage in Finding National Treasure in 'Monumental' Trailer

February 10, 2012


Coming to theaters for one night only--just long enough to get its due Oscar contention--Monumental follows Kirk Cameron and his wadded-up American flag sidekick as they travel the U.S. and, lo, the world, looking to see if our Founding Fathers "might have left us kind of a map" that will lead us away from disaster and toward what we can only hope is a ham-fisted religious message. Kirk Cameron is Michael Moore, Nicolas Cage, and Christ all rolled up in the sleeves of a single work shirt.

As the Growing Pains older brother sees it, "something is sick in the soul of our country," and the same "history" that told him bananas disprove evolution now tells him that United States is headed toward utter collapse. Ut oh, Kirk! Thankfully, he has a solution. He's going to visit some monuments and alternately grimace and pose for inspirational senior pictures, and we'll see where American stands after that:

Yank on those cell bars harder, Kirk! George Washington's secret map might be back there, and then we can find the gold to bail America out of debt!


Kirk, Class of 2012.


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