Edgar Wright Will Direct That 'Night Stalker' Remake Johnny Depp Insists Someone Make

February 22, 2012


With Disney's popular friend Johnny demanding he get to be Kolchak in a remake of The Night Stalker or he isn't going to play pirates anymore, the studio today made a large and somewhat surprising move forward by hiring Edgar Wright to direct the reboot. Wright hasn't been doing a whole lot of directing since Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World failed to impress at the box office, but he recently announced a start on writing a new project with Shaun of the Dead collaborator Simon Pegg, and Marvel--now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation!--has long had him attached to direct an Ant-Man movie. There also still isn't a writer for this thing, so, basically, it could be a while before anything comes together.

But if and when it does happen, Johnny Depp will be taking the lead in the remake of the 1972 ABC TV movie, which focuses on investigative reporter Carl Kolchak's pursuit of a serial killer who ends up being one our most enduringly-profitable movie monsters: a vampire! Darren McGavin played Kolchak in the original, but Depp will assumedly make the role his own this time, combining the wide-eyed reporter kookiness of Depp in Hunter S. Thompson mode with all the wide-eyed "oh shit, the murders are being caused by an undead monster!" kookiness of Depp in Sleepy Hollow. In all likelihood, there is going to be quite a lot of wide-eyed kookiness, and Disney is excited to be working with esteemed director Edgar Wright to figure out a way to parlay all that into some sequels and a ride. Maybe the roller coaster drives in one wide eye and out the other?

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