Civil Rights Leader Machete Still Returning To Murder Some More People

February 7, 2012


Robert Rodriguez intent to make Machete into a trilogy, like his goal of making Spy Kids until forever, seems to be one of the few plans the director is actually following through with. He's reportedly now teamed with producer Alexander Rodnyansky to put together the first sequel to his 2010 film, and production is already tentatively scheduled for April. Star Danny Trejo is, naturally, expected to return, as is much of the original cast that Danny Trejo did not murder with a machete. The title of the new film? Machete Kills, a natural precursor to Machete Kills... in Space--the trilogy ender Rodriguez described last July as a Moonraker-style film that will include a "lightsaber machete" (lightmachete) and "space babes." And then there will be equality.

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