'Moonrise Kingdom' Trailer Is Acceptably Wes Anderson-y

January 12, 2012


Bruce Willis is back in his Breakfast of Champions toupée, Ed Norton is in a scout uniform, Jason Schwartzman is in a mustache, Bill Murray is drunk and shirtless and armed, and every shot and prop has been carefully selected for maximum affecting, nostalgic tweeness when placed atop a song you'll have to look up and download later. That is to say, there's now a trailer for Wes Anderson's long-awaited Moonrise Kingdom. Yay!

If you're a fan of Wes Anderson's extreme Wes Andersoniness and have been pained for a fix since Mr. Fox's tail-less form walked out of our lives, this should hit the spot. If you're not a Wes Anderson-ite, here's a video of a denim-swathed Michael Bay talking about a big metal box of giant robot movies he's selling for $150 MSRP. Your choice.

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