Liam Neeson Tapes Some Booze to His Hands and Takes Box Office

January 30, 2012


Your weekend box office:

1. The Grey - $20 million. Though the Super Bowl is less than a week away, America's most popular spectator sport proves to be Liam Neeson Killing Whoever or Whatever, It Doesn't Really Matter.

2. Underworld Awakening - $12.5 million. Why watch Kate Beckinsale murder with guns when you can watch Liam Neeson murder using the same miniature liquor bottles you've snuck into the theater?

3. One for the Money - $11.8 million, a surprisingly decent take for a film that so brazenly describes itself as exactly what it was for Katherine Heigl.

4. Red Tails - $10.4 million. In terms of similarly vehicle-based Cuba Gooding Jr. films, that's 2.7 Boat Trip opening weekends.

5. Man on a Ledge - $8.3 million--though, as Avatar and Clash of the Titans have shown, this thing could have easily topped the box office if someone had wisely rendered some 3D CGI shit in the empty space beyond the ledge. Maybe for the DVD?

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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