James Franco's 'General Hospital' Stint All Part of James Franco's Larger Plan for a James Franco Movie

January 6, 2012


The performance art piece of James Franco's life revealed a new, unexpected twist today with news that the renaissance man's brief turn on General Hospital was in fact a ruse designed to collect footage for a new James Franco movie. The film, titled Francophrenia (alternately titled Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is when Franco isn't feeling so vain), is reportedly part of the always-crowd-pleasing genre of "humorous psycho-thriller," and is set to premiere later this month at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Franco and co-director Ian Olds put together the film by building a script around Franco's recurring role on the daytime soap opera, in which he played an avant-garde artist simply named "Franco," obviously.

Here's a clip from General Hospital, which is now assumedly also a clip from Francophrenia. Has Franco and/or "Franco" blown your mind yet?

I can't wait until this guy sets up an installation to reveal the deeper meanings within Spider-Man 3.

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