'Thor 2' Needs a Director Again

December 7, 2011


Marvel's hiring of Monster's Patty Jenkins to direct Thor 2 has always seemed like a somewhat baffling choice for the job. When the decision was announced, I figured it must have been that the studio liked her proposed approach; but no, it turns out they do not like her proposed approach at all, and now Jenkins and Marvel are reportedly parting ways due to the usual claim of "creative differences." The studio is moving quickly to replace the director and find someone new to deliver them a new Hammer Hero movie by November, 2013, but apparently there are no sore feelings on the matter, and "the feeling is that [Jenkins will] probably end up working on one of these superhero films, but perhaps not on a sequel." So if not for Thor 2, perhaps it will be for Doctor Strange that we at last get to say, "Why was the director of Monster and a couple episodes of Entourage given this again?"

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