Official 'Cloud Atlas' Photo Reveals a Bunch of Crap All Over the Place

December 22, 2011


The kind of photo I can only assume you get if you choose the non-erotic "spot the difference!" game at the bar, the above image is an official behind-the-scenes look at Tom Tykwer's Wachowski-produced adaptation of Cloud Atlas. The film reportedly just wrapped, and as a very special, "Hey, guys, we're done," the production released the above shot of several producers, novelist David Mitchell, Tykwer, the Wachowski, and absolutely none of the stars. (Not even Tom Hanks, who you love.) But there are some props from the epic's six interconnected stories, so if you're familiar with the novel, you can probably figure out why there are some totems, a piano, and a Volkswagon, scattered around a dirt-floored room. For once, it isn't hoarders. Not enough cat skeletons.

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