Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost Might Finally Finish Up Their Ice Cream Trilogy

December 12, 2011


2004's Shaun of the Dead marked not just the arrival of the Spaced team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost as a force in the feature film business; it also marked the beginning of group's Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy--also called the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy--a trio of films meant to mirror Krzysztof Kieślowski's Blue/White/Red Three Colours trilogy, except with thematically-appropriate Cornetto ice cream flavors instead of the French flag colors, obviously.

Shaun's blood-soaked zombie carnage designated it to include the consumption of red strawberry flavor, Hot Fuzz's police-centric plot highlighted the classic blue Cornetto, and a third film, tentatively-titled The World's End, has been promised to somehow correspond to mint chocolate chip. It remains unclear how the ice cream's green-ness will connect to The World's End's presumed armageddon-ness (Pegg and Frost, sans Wright, already did little green men with Paul, so we can probably forget that), but according to Nick Frost, we might not have to wait too much longer to find out. Speaking to ComingSoon, Frost said of the third film:

"There is a draft out there, which I've read, and it's great, and I think our plan is to crack on and shoot next year. Touch wood. They move and they change but we definitely want to get on with it."

In the meantime, the entire run of Spaced recently showed up on Netflix, so now would be a good time to catch up on that. Also a good time to catch up on actual Cornetto ice creams. The lack of boring bits means they're all delicious!

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