'Battleship' Trailer: 'Transformers' Meets Boats

December 9, 2011


Though Taylor Kitsch has kept himself busy fighting CGI aliens abroad, he has not forgotten his responsibility to defend our own world from CGI alien forces as well. In this trailer for Battleship--ostensibly based on the parlor game of the same name, though no it isn't--Kitsch and his crew of pop singers and True Blood stars protect Earth's own waters from a deadly threat unseen since a couple months ago: all the loudest, most crudely-defined shit from Transformers: Dark of the Moon! That's right; the same vaguely robotic dins, giant bike chains, and general exploding shit that haunted poor Shia LaBeouf last summer have returned to wreak havoc on an extremely specific plot of water. Michael Bay is going to be so pissed when he realizes he must have left his USB stick in the editing suite...

Rest in peace, apparently, Liam Neeson.

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