'Project X' Trailer Promises Huge Party, Girl Butts

November 2, 2011


So, you know the sitcom episode where Mom and Dad leave for the weekend, and then Junior has a party, but--ut oh!--the party got way out of hand! How is he going to clean up this mess before they get home!? This episode is fucking terrible! Well, thanks to producer Todd Phillips, that seems to now be a movie. Titled Project X despite its lack of irradiated chimpanzees, the film now has its first trailer--which basically plays like a documentary-style highlight reel of all the crazy shit that happens at this dorky kid's wild party. As the above, suggestive photo implies, there are totally girls at this party. Yessssss.

So... is this a comedy, or a camera commercial? I need to know if anyone breaks Gramda's urn before I can be certain either way.


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