New 'Arrested Development' Season Genuinely Happening, on Netflix

November 21, 2011


Well, despite our endless skepticism, it looks like an additional, final season of Arrested Development might actually be happening. Continuing to seemingly make real the claim of another ten episodes plus a movie, Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television have released a joint statement announcing a deal with Netflix to stream new episodes online. Netflix and Showtime had reportedly both been pursuing the series, but ultimately Netflix won the deal--presumably as a meaningful gift for us, to follow up all of those hollow apologies. This is just what we'd been asking for, Netflix. We forgive you and love you again.

The announcement would seem to be evidence that the Bluth fantasies collectively dreamed while asleep to the DVDs' ukelele-strummed title screens are at last manifesting themselves. But before we go burning our box sets in preparation for new, slightly thicker boxes, we should note that, as Deadline points out, there are not yet any deals with the cast. There's still time for this plan to lose its entire acting arm, thus revealing itself as one of Mitch Hurwitz's ridiculous lessons to teach us fans that that's why we shouldn't spend five years constantly begging for a movie.

(Thanks for the tip, "dude.")

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