'Mirror Mirror' Trailer: Other 'Snow White' Movie Shows It's the Wacky One

November 16, 2011


Last week, Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman trailer showed up and surprised everyone by looking really interesting and fairly beautiful. Now a trailer for Relativity Media's Mirror Mirror has shown up, and since, as the Snow White tale informs us, only one can be fairest of them all, this film is apparently going to settle for being the hammiest Julia Roberts comedy of them all. While The Fall director Tarsem Singh does bring to the film some of his signature lavish visuals, he also brought along scenes of Nathan Lane turning into a cockroach, Armie Hammer acting like a doggy, Julia Roberts chewing so much scenery, and actual dwarves delivering lines like "Snow way!" and "Say hello to my little friend!" It's pretty bad.

If Snow White and the Huntsman is our gritty, serious Snow White, then this is our Joel Schumacher Snow White that casts Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze (metaphorically speaking):

Now, will this all be shown on one night, or will I have to tune in to ABC throughout the week to finish the story?

It's like Snow White and the Huntsman was the girl who took off her glasses and ended up looking like Rachael Leigh Cook, while Mirror Mirror came in looking like Jenny McCarthy but promptly started acting like Jenny McCarthy. You know, to arbitrarily put these competing Snow Whites in terms of '90s references.

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