'Chopping Mall' Remake Won't Be About Killer Robots Anymore

November 22, 2011


Likely realizing that there is absolutely no way to come up with a better mall-based horror title than Chopping Mall, Robert Hall's Dry County Entertainment has acquired the remake rights to said 1986 Roger Corman film, and plans to re-imagine it with a new spin.

Originally released as Killbots before someone came up with that great Chopping Mall pun, the Jim Wynorski-directed film focused on a group of not-quite-teens trapped in a mall filled with malfunctioning security robots. As you'd figure, the haywire robots start killing the shit out of these kids--though, strangely, there is never any of the titular chopping you'd naturally expect. In that spirit, similarly, Hall's remake will not feature any of the killer robots you'd naturally expect. Instead, writer/producer Kevin Bocarde apparently plans to give the story "a darker, supernatural spin," which I assume means vampires in a poorly-lit food court. But Bocarde assures us, "It will retain the basic concept of young people trapped in a mall," so don't worry, the film will remain a meaningful commentary on America. Be it represented by killbot or something supernatural, it's capitalism that's trapping our teenagers in malls and making their heads explode with lasers:

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