Yet Another Lawsuit Involving 'Hangover, Part II'

October 17, 2011


The Hangover, Part II has already been at the center of a lawsuit involving an injured stuntman, another lawsuit about Mike Tyson's stupid tattoo, and a third suit over whether it's OK to serve drinks and show monkey blowjobs in the same room, and now a fourth suit has arisen over the film's content. Aspiring screenwriter Michael Alan Rubin has filed a complaint claiming, "The production of Hangover 2 is not a complete 'literary' or 'artistic' works of the Hangover Defendants as credited in Hangover 2," which is to say he thinks the studio and writers stole the movie from a script he wrote called Mickey and Kirin, an autobiographical piece based on his own experiences marrying a woman in Japan and honeymooning in Thailand. Rubin is suing for copyright infringement, misappropriation of publicity rights, and, strangely, defamation--this last bit stemming from his worry "the filmmakers suggested the inference that he was under the influence of drugs when he ditched his girlfriend and proposed to a male-to-female transexual prostitute." Essentially, if someone were to believe his idiotic story that The Hangover 2 was stole his experiences, they would thereby think that he had drugs when he was marrying a transexual prostitute, which would then make the film slanderous. This is the sort of logic that makes sense when you are a crazy person.

Rubin hasn't found a lawyer to back him and is representing himself in this case, and he's reportedly provided no evidence that anyone involved in The Hangover, Part II would have ever encountered his script, so regardless of the validity of the claims, don't expect the suit to get too far. But do expect a second lawsuit claiming The Hangover stole his experiences, changed the setting to Vegas, and made everything funnier. Seems like the obvious Plan B.

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